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Some of the brands we stock, including of course, our own! Inspired by Japanese prints, cool kawaii stationery, we've cherry picked local, national and international designs into a collection of colourful and confident stationery and accessories.

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SOUKI is a traditional sock factory located in Koryo Town, Nara which has a deeply rooted sock production culture.

Since their company was established, they've been consistently dedicated to sock making with the pleasure of creation at its core value. 

Just as Souki gets excited when giving shape to ideas, they want you to be thrilled from the bottom of the heart when you touch their socks.


SOUKI socks are crafted with care and dedication, one by one, creating simple experiences to enjoy socks.

The joy of craftsmanship.

From their workshop and the community of sock makers to a wider audience

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A-Journal Stationery

A-Journal is a young  stationery brand based in the Netherlands. Their clean Dutch design and structure lends itself so well to lovers of order and simplicity.

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Ola is an eco-friendly Bristol design brand. We stock some of their fantastic gift wrap, greetings cards and notebooks.

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Girl of All Work

Uki Uki is the only UK stockist of female led, Californian brand, Girl of All Work. Stationery & Office supplies.

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Yeaaah! Studio

Established by French graphic designer & illustrator, Stéphane Casier, Yeaaah! Studio is totally inspired by Japanese pop culture with a strong Shōwa Era vibe - bright colours, clean line work, kind of a mix between Japanese woodblock prints and anime.


Suck UK

Popular UK brand Suck UK is a gifting company for  quirky homewares.

Every product is designed in-house and manufactured with care- its been that way since 1999

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Paiheme Studio

Founded by Pierre-Marie Postel in 2018, Paiheme Studio is based in Caen, France.

Uki Uki is so pleased to share this graphic designer's nostalgic universe for Japanese advertising, vintage and comic prints of the 1960's.  We're lucky to get our hands on a bespoke range of prints from this collection.


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California, female brand ILOOTPAPERIE is bursting with illustrative stickers, cards and kawaii inspired prints.

Check out their bestelling cards.



London brand Nolki is one of the boldest brands we stock. Printed in the European Union, we love their washi tapes and notepads.

Sankyo Toys stocked by Uki Uki

Sankyo Toys

Jabber Balls have brought joy to households all over Japan, known as Oshaberi Doubutsu Balls. 

You can squeeze them, throw them, or try to stack them on top of each other, their cute tongues, unique voices and funny faces will bring you hours of fun. 

Made with special Japanese technology.

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