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Japanese Socks

Socks, yes, yes, we have loads of mis matched pairs in our drawers. Maybe there are a few pairs of Christmas socks that make a splash once a year but socks are truly there to be celebrated in style.

Tabi Socks

Tabi socks, two toe socks are perhaps the least well known in Europe but are becoming more and more popular as communities integrate and shoppers look to embrace new styles and design. Basically, Tabi socks are 2 toe socks (your big toe goes in the one side and the rest mingle on the other).

The benefits include greater aeration (less sweaty feet!) and improvement of balance and blood circulation. A Japanese staple for several hundred years, they're normally worn with thonged footwear and worn by Ninja, martial artists, kimono wearers and humble flip flop wearers too!


They are also worn when wearing a range of Japanese wooden sandals known as Zori or Geta which are easy to get on and off when visiting friends and family. 

Lots of people like wearing them for an extra layer when wearing with flip flops in chilly nights, in hospital, or even on aeroplanes when relaxing, the choice is yours!

Harajuku Socks

Harajuku is a district in Tokyo.Since the 1970s and 80's its been recognised as the main hub for youth fashion, trends and boutiques. Harajuku socks are just part of this and they are normally socks that have bright and quirky designs. Taking off shoes when entering a homeis still a strong custom in Japan and odd socks, or those with holes in don't cut the mustard. We highly recommend these socks to make you happy and make you smile!

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