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A set of 12 HB handwriting pencils with side indents.


The purpose of the pencil grip is to help a child develop a tripod (three fingered) pencil grip. This is often seen to help children aged over 6 (when detexrity tends to improve) with drawing and writing. Any one can use them as they can often held reduce pressure on fingers.


All the pencils are Black graphite and not actual colouring pencils and the sets on offer are HB only. They're great quality and positively ping in any pencil case or desk. They have a three side design which also makes them easier to handle.


Chose your box set colour.

Set of 12 HB Handwriting Pencils Kawaii Design, Learning Pencils

£8.00 Regular Price
£5.60Sale Price
  • – 12 pencils, HB


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