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How many electronic items do you want to charge? The Xoopar Mr Bio 4 in 1 multi USB cable charger can be used on lots of different gadgets simply and off one cable.

The eco-friendly and biodegradable USB Cable is suitable for Smartphone Apple iPhone Samsung Google Huawey Xiaomi OnePlus LG Kindle etc.


🌱 A STRONG USB CABLE: This USB charging cable is designed with Dupont Tyvek braided arms combined with aluminum hands caps. This flexible USB cable will be more durable over time while maintaining his resistance.

🌱 A POCKET USB CABLE: With its small size of 15 cm and its light weight of 12 g, this 4 in 1 charger will make it the best companion for your backpack, suitcase, pocket etc. It is supplied with the best current connectors: USB, Micro USB, USB Type C and Lightning.

🌱 A 2 YEAR GUARANTEE: This USB cable, like all Xoopar products, is guaranteed for 2 years in Europe. 

Xoopar - Mr Bio Wheat 4 in 1 multi USB Charger - Blue

  • Brand: Xoopar

    • Carbon audit carried out on the life cycle of the product:
    88g of CO2 released over the entire life cycle of the product, equivalent to the use of 19 • sheets of A4 paper
    • A product made from 20% wheat fibre
    • DuPont Tyvek cables: material resistant to splashing water and 100% recyclable
    • Packaging in FSC-certified paper from legal forestry, with sustainable management
    • Biosphere additive to accelerate the biodegradability of the shell in an industrial environment.



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