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Direct from Kyoro Town in Nara, Japan's old capital, these green knee length socks are from our premium range. 


High-quality recycled cotton is made by spinning only the long fibers of the virgin cotton fallout generated in Japanese spinning mills into sweet-twisted cotton. The cotton is hand-dyed one by one and knitted roughly on a rare low-gauge machine. These simple yet distinctive socks are knitted so that a diamond pattern motif appears on the front and back when worn.

The socks are thick, so they provide cushioning and reduce foot fatigue.

Because they are knitted roughly with extra-thick yarn, they are highly breathable and sweat absorbent, making them comfortable to wear even in the summer.


The socks are knitted with a painstakingly dyed yarn, giving them a vintage look and feel.

The socks regain their softness and fluffiness with each wash.


Thick socks provide cushioning and reduce foot fatigue.

The socks come wrapped in complimentary tissue paper and would make a really thoughtful gift.

Thank you for celebrating good sock style.


Japanese Knee High Diamond Patterned Cotton Socks

  • Size:

    EUR: 36 - 44

    UK: 4 - 10

    25 - 27cm

    96% cotton, 3% nylon, 1% elastane (96% recycled cotton used throughout)

    Made in Japan

  • 1. Turn your socks inside-out.

    2. Machine wash on gentle cycle in warm or cool water.

    3. Please wash in a washing net using mild soap; no bleach or fabric softener.

    4. Wash dark colours separately.

    5. Tumble-dry on low setting.

    Turning your socks inside-out protects them from friction, allowing them to last longer.

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