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Local patterns are now available from the popular Japanese paper flake sticker series 'Japan Trip' by Japanese brand Furukawashiko! This pack focuses on Okayama Prefecture, known for its delicious fruit, it's often called the land of sunshine and Momotaro. The "Peach Boy" is the local hero and symbol. Okayama City, the prefectural capital and largest city, is home to the imposing, black Okayama Castle and Okayama Korakuen, one of Japan's three greatest landscape gardens

These cute stickers can be used with a set of mini letters for sealing, or as a decoration for notebooks and wrapping!

The sticker base is slit for easy removal.

It is recommended for travel souvenirs and small self-introductions!


A great pocket money gift!


Come in a pocket sleeve.


Japan Trip - Furukawashiko, Gururi Nippon Washi Flake Stickers, Okayama Set

  • - Stickers are c.3cm in size.

    - 20 stickers, 4 individual designs (5 of each)

    - BRAND: Furukawashiko

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