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40 cute Umaru Doma stickers, perfect for anime lovers.


Who is Umaru Doma?


Doma Umaru, alternatively Umaru (うまる, Umaru) in her indoor form, is the main character of the Himouto! Umaru-chan series.  Umaru is a high school girl who is seemingly perfect in every way, but is actually a closet Geek slacker.



The stickers are popular in Japan and Korea. They can be used for decorating notepads, cards etc, mobile phones. These have quirky, cool messages on them and are great to give to a friend. We are using a lot of these on our postage, putting them on our envelopes to make our friends and customers smile!


The set come in a little cellophane sleeve.


The stickers vary slightly in size but are actually quite large for scrapbooking stickers at a brilliant c.3-4cm each. 

Himouto! Umaru-chan stickers - 40 pieces Japanese Style Anime Cartoon Himouto! U

  • Stickers are c. 3 - 5cm in size.

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