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The Goen Shuincho notebook is a high end, fold out notebook made in Kyoto, Japan.


Shuincho notebooks are quite unusual as they fold out accordian style and don't have a side seam meaning they're a treat to open up as you can see more of your work at one time. They are  commonly used in Japan when collecting stamps when visiting shrines or temples. The book also comes with 2 title seals. The Shogado notebook presents as 11 mountains (folds) for you to fill.


The stampbook features premium high-quality Japanese "Hosho" paper, a form of washi famed for it's resistance to tearing. It also has excellent absorption properties making it ideal for use with printing techniques including Japanese Woodblock, Linocut and Vinyl.


A quality gift or notepad to create your own ideas or take to Japan.


Made in Kyoto, Japan by Shogado Co., Ltd. 




Goen Shuincho Notebook - quality Japanese note book

  • -  12cm x 18cm (A5), hardback cover

    - 11 mountain fold out pages unlined

    -  Front cover is Yuzen washi and the back cover is Tant paper.

    - Made in Kyoto, Japan by Shogado Co. Ltd


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