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The fun and endearing cable!

Mr Bio Long allows you to use all your devices wherever you are while recharging your batteries! Easily transportable, it will never leave your bag!


With its 4 input/output ports Type C, USB C, Lightning and Micro USB, you can charge all your devices: Smartphone, headphones and Bluetooth earphones, and even your sports camera so you can save all your holiday memories without running out of battery.


♻️ Eco-friendly: the head and body have a biosphere additive that helps activate the biodegradability of the shell in an industrial environment, and contain 20% wheat fibre. 


🌳 ORIGINAL DESIGN: 1M eco-friendly cable with dual Type-C/USB input allows you to use your phone from the couch and charge the battery at the same time!

For the specs:
• One metre long cable
• Multi-cables
• Input: USB-C and USB
• Output: lightning, USB-C & Micro-USB
• Compatible with any type of device (smartphone, wireless headset, kindle, etc.)
• Product guaranteed for 2 years


Xoopar - Mr Bio 1m long - 4 in 1 Multi USB Cable Octopus Universal Charger

£15.00 Regular Price
£11.25Sale Price
  • Brand: Xoopar
    • A product made from 20% wheat fibre
    • Packaging in FSC-certified paper from legal forestry, with sustainable management
    • Biosphere additive to accelerate the biodegradability of the shell in an industrial environment.





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